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Der Winter neigt sich in den Frühling in Bad Kleinkirchheim im Alpenlandhof

Wir wollen uns bedanken, bei allen Gästen, die uns im Sommer und Winter dieses sehr turbulenten Jahres besucht haben. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, Sie hier in unserem Haus begrüßen zu können. Wir hoffen, dass sich das Jahr 2022  in allen Belangen beruhigen wird und sich die Menschen die derzeit gegeneinander kämpfen wieder einen und alles friedlich beendet werden kann. Wir versuchen an Urlaub zu denken, aber so richtig gelingt es uns auch noch nicht. Daher wünschen wir Ihnen und uns ein gesundes und friedliches Miteinander. Es freuen sich auf ein Wiedersehen mit Ihnen die Juris und das Alpenlandhof-Team.

We want to say thank you to all guests who visited us in summer and winter of this very turbulent year. We were very happy to welcome you here in our house. We hope that the year 2022 will calm down in all matters and that the people who are currently fighting each other will unite again and everything can be ended peacefully. We try to think about vacation, but we don’t really succeed yet. Therefore, we wish you and us a healthy and peaceful coexistence. The Juris and the Alpenlandhof team look forward to seeing you again.

Vogliamo dire grazie a tutti gli ospiti che ci hanno visitato in estate e in inverno di questo anno molto turbolento. Siamo stati molto felici di darvi il benvenuto qui nella nostra casa. Ci auguriamo che l’anno 2022 si calmi in tutte le questioni e che le persone che attualmente si combattono si uniscano di nuovo e che tutto possa finire pacificamente. Cerchiamo di pensare alla vacanza, ma non ci riusciamo ancora. Auguriamo pertanto a voi e a noi una sana e serena convivenza. La fam. Juri e il team dell’Alpenlandhof non vedono l’ora di rivederVi.

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Bad Kleinkirchheim und der Alpenlandhof im Winter – Urlaubs-Gedanken

A motto: And the sun always rises! And again and again it comes, the long-awaited snow. Powder snow in its finest form makes the country quieter and when the sun finally sent out a few rays, I couldn’t be stopped and quickly took some nice pictures of Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Alpenlandhof. Unfortunately, we won’t see you again until 7.1.2021. We’re really looking forward to it! But still in this special time, enjoy the winter and trust your skis and winter sports, in Bad Kleinkirchheim this will be possible again on the slopes in St. Oswald from December 24th, 2020. We look forward to seeing you, even if everything is calmer. The brand new  6-seater chairlift Spitzeck should definitely be tried out. A really nice part! We wish you and us that everything returns to our normal life as soon as possible and that we can all see each other again and celebrate! A Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year

the Juris und das Alpenlandhof-Team aus Bad Kleinkirchheim

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